Weekly Recommendation: Astro Vandalist – Astroduction (2018)


Artist:  Astro Vandalist

Album: Astroduction


1. DV alias Khryst – Astroduction
2. D-Strong – The reaper
3. Declaime feat Georgia Muldrow – Helicopters
4. Rasco – Live & learn
5. Blaq Poet feat Born Unique – In the danger zone
6. Ruste Juxx – Viking verses
7. Dro Pesci – Keep it street
8. Sadat X feat Nine – Nomical
9. Dirt Platoon – Bellyache
10. Born Unique – Dirt naps
11. El Gant feat Shabaam Shadeeq – Vandetta
12. FT feat Godsunz – Astro beast
13. Akbar – Off the grid (OTG)
14. Beneficence – Up in ya era
15. El Da Sensei – Bars & boastin’
16. John Robinson – Music never ends
17. Maylay Sparks feat DJ Too Tuff – Tally up


I am going to start featuring one album from the previous week every Monday because there is so much good music that I believe is going unheard.   And this album from French producer, Astro Vandalist,  is something that you guys need to be made aware of.  It’s 17 tracks of unadulterated and potent hip hop.  The beats really hit hard and you can see by this lineup of emcees that there are some heavy hitters on here.

Check out and cop the whole thing as it is worth every penny, but here are my favorite tracks if you want a sampling!

Single You Out: Giallo Point – The Heat (ft. D Strong and Dro Pesci)

Here’s an appropriately titled loosie from producer Giallo Point featuring emcees D Strong and Dro Pesci called, The Heat.  And that’s exactly what this trio bring you on this cut.  It’s pure and unadulterated fire.   Giallo continues his run of lacing banger after banger for dope emcees.   Strong and Pesci are laying heads to rest on this track…you all had your chance!

Single Yout Out: C-Rayz Walz – The Sound Of Guns (ft. Echo 1 x Dro Pesci x Oktober Zero)

C-Rayz Walz, independent hip hop artist, and legend if you ask me, has a new project out, Bad Fame: Music To Run With. The project dropped a few days ago, and it’s really dope. But in particular I am enamored with this J-Scrilla produced gem that features, Echo 1, Dro Pesci, and Oktober Zero. It’s just a banging track and that snaking sample Scrilla uses is sooooo on-point!


Dro Pesci – From Da Streets (ft. Ruste Juxx x Nems) (Video)

From Da Streets is a new single from Dro Pesci’s forthcoming album , Groundhog Day, which is dropping on February 2nd.   And here you get what you would expect, some gritty street narratives from Pesci, Ruste Juxx, and Nems, over a beat with a piano riff created by Vic Grimes that makes you think of Halloween the movie.  Ill shit right here!


Mr. Stroke & Dro Pesci – War Report (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq) (Video)

I got another banger for you all today.  This one comes from the combination of Mr. Stroke and Dro Pesci off of their Real In The Field album that dropped back in October of last year.  The track features that hard NYC flavor, with a genuine NYC vet in the form of Shabaam Sahdeeq.  I am going to have to check out this album some time.  Definitely seems like my flavor!


Single You Out: Dro Pesci – Daily Routine (ft. HalfaBrick & Ruste Juxx)(Prod. by Mr Stroke)


Dro Pesci returns with some heat from his collaborative album with Mr. Stroke, Real In The Field.  This is just one of those grimy, street bangers that’s bound to fly heads.  It’s also got two of my favorite guests emcees dropping bars, the unheralded Halfabrick and the hard working Ruste Juxx.   There here to give you that work…

Dro Pesci & Infamous Haze – Broken Language 2K12 (ft. Ruste Juxx) (Video)

I don’t know why but this is always one beat I want to hear how people rock over.   Obviously no one is going to top the original but it’s always interesting to hear what kind of wordplay people are going to come up with .

This one features Ruste Juxx who has been doing all kinds of damage in 2012.   He has been relentless.  He is teamed up with Dro Pesci who’s project this song will appear on.  That project is entitled The Sitdown which has no said date.  I think the emcees certainly do this track some justice.