Single You Out: Dragon Fli Empire – Back Up (ft. Qwazaar & Thaione Davis)



It’s smooth and hype at the same time.  The drums and the pace are uptempo, but with that soulful sample, it gives the song a different flavor.   Definitely enjoyable hip hop.

Back Up is the second single off of Dragon Fli Empire’s forthcoming album, Mission Statement which is slated for an October release.  That may seem like a ways away but don’t worry it will be here before you know it.

Single You Out: Dragon Fli Empire – The Daily News Pt. 2 (ft. Sadat X)




Here’s another secret locked in the inbox for way too long.  I have been familiar with Dragon Fli Empire for the past four or five years.  They are known for that laid back and jazzy vibe hip hop.  And everyone know Sadat X (if you don’t, get up and leave your computer now, I need a moment).

In short, this is a dope joint.  The production has the horns buzzing and the emcees all capture the moment for a really chill joint.

This is the first single to the Empire’s forthcoming album, Mission Statement.