Double Negative – The Medicine Doesn’t Work Here (Video)

This is an ill cut from Double Negative’s (Taboo x Coal Cash) album Krackatoa with cuts from DJ TMB. The production is dark and heavy and the rhymes have a violent tendency. Disengage. Unplug from the matrix. Check this album!

Side note: Taboo is one of my favorite writers/emcees right now. A true wordsmith.


Single You Out: Double Negative

Double Negative dropped this album, Krackatoa, not that long ago and it’s important that you give this album a chance. It’s incredibly ill. As a matter of fact, it could be my favorite from this year, at this point. The production is down right sinister and the emcees consistently deliver dense lyrics with tight interwove wordplay.

The Medicine Doesn’t Work Here, is an eery track that addresses the ills of society that are torn beyond repair. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.