Double A.B. & Git Beats – Sashimi (Video)

New video single from Double A.B. and Git Beats and these fellas are dropping it on the smooth tip. Nothing but the best for these artists as they keep it raw…Sashimi. Git Beats laces one of the more soulful joints I have heard this year and Double A.B. has a penchant for the turn of phrase and clever line. Consummate emcee here!

This duo has an album dropping in the near future, Lungs Of Mahalia.

Double A.B. – Black Ice (ft. Eto) (Video)

So, I have been a Double A.B. fan for a while, since he was doing work with producer Dub Sonata. I think he’s incredibly talented as an emcees. Well, he’s been on hiatus from making music (at least known to me) for a few years, but he has resurfaced with a new album, Demons, that demonstrates that incredible talent to make dope art remains.

On Black Ice, he joins Eto on site in Rochester, showing that he can continue to spit that slick shit. He has a commanding voice and when paired with Eto’s distinctive verbals, you have a definite winner. Make sure you cop the album!

Single You Out: Double A.B. – All G (ft. A.L.)

It’s been a looooooooong minute since we have heard some music from Double A.B., but we don’t forget good music around these parts. This emcee has bars and has made some great music, and is apparently STILL making great music.

All G, has a mellow vibe with the twangy guitar taking front and center of the production by long time collaborator, Dub Sonata. And that chill vibe, is the perfect segue for Double A.B. to introduce, or reintroduce himself to fans. Rapping alongside our featured emcee, is A.L., who also drops a dope sixteen.

His new album, Devils & Drugs, drops on April 18th, so stay tuned for that.