Single You Out: Kue The Vandal – Died In ’87 (prod. by Dope Antelope)

It looks like the Kue The Vandal and Dope Antelope are back in the lab and working on a new project entitled, Me And The Devil.  When these two link up there’s always a diabolical concoction to be found.  Kue’s mindset really intertwines with   Dope Antelope’s haunting productions as you can hear with their single, Died In 87′.

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Single You Out: J-Scriptz – The Vent Part 2 (prod. by Dope Antelope)


I keep on re-listening to this project from J-Scriptz from 2014.  It’s such a dope project and deserves the utmost attention so here is another favorite track from his Transition EP.  Simply listen to the personally woven intricacies in the song.  Please make sure you check out and cop the project, not as a favor to me, but for hip hop.

Sleep (The Fraternity) – 3 Corners (ft. Cocaine Chris and Kue The Vandal) (Video)

New banger from The Fraternity camp entitled 3 Corners.   The Dope Antelope brings that boom-bap front and center while Sleep, Kue, and Chris warn that ‘you either with us or against us’.  Rest assured brethren, The Dependency is with you. Pay close attention to Chris’ wordplay, he has some really nice gems woven in there.

Sleep (The Fraternity) – I Shot Lincoln (ft. Kue The Vandal) (Video)

The Fraternity stays the course and could do no wrong in 2014 and this track, I Shot Lincoln, proves that fact.   Sleep and Kue The Vandal go off on Dope Antelope’s sinister production.  Antelope is hands down my producer of the year if this pace continues.  I can’t hide that fact.  No one puts darkness to music like Antelope.  And if you like lines, these emcees have got lines….

Most wanted like Hitler in a room full of Zionists…. (Kue The Vandal)

Sleep (The Fraternity) – Goon To A God (Video)

On my hiatus I missed this joint from Sleep of 2ManCypher and it HAS TO be mentioned.  This joint is hot!  Dope Antelope can’t be beat in the production game right now.  I don’t know if anyone is producing bangers like this guy.  (Now if I could just get him to do this feature with me…another story).  Sleep is no stranger to Antelope’s production and he wrecks hell all over this joint.  Just some real hard bodied hip hop shit for your speakers. Recognize!

Kue The Vandal – The Snuff Tape (2014)


Artist: Kue The Vandal

Album: The Snuff Tape


1. Eye For An Eye
2. My Brother’s Keeper
3. Filth
4. Runnin’
5. Affiliated (Ft. Cain & Sleep)
6. Pistolet
7. Black Mask
8. G.O.O.N


Kue The Vandal released his latest EP, The Snuff Tape, a couple of weeks ago and I have given it multiple listens not only for the purposes of this review, but also for my own personal enjoyment.   Kue The Vandal has that grimy delivery and he brings a certain tone of despair and depravity that is on display for all to see on this release.   But there’s also this sense that Kue, when his back is against the wall, is not going to just disappear quietly into the sunset.  He is more likely to come out with his guns blazing.

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Sleep – Branded (2014)



Artist: Sleep (2-Man Cypher)

Album: Branded


1. Question 1
2. Question 2
3. Question 3
4. Question 4
5. Question 5
6. Question 6
7. Question 7
8. Question 8


Sleep from 2-Man Cypher has never fallen short on creativity.   He has done songs narrating from the perspectives of different individuals.  He has even done tracks from the outlook of the devil.    And with his latest EP, Branded, he takes creativity to a whole new level.

On this EP, Sleep, takes on the persona of the tragic story of Damon Winton.   The story is real, making this EP biographical in context.    Branded is the tale of a troubled youth that is abandoned by the system and family that was supposed to protect him.  Each song is introduced by a question from a reporter to the social worker in charge.  After the social worker answers the reporter’s question in dubious fashion, Sleep narrates a tale from the perspective of Damon.   It is incredibly powerful, because this is real life.   These are things that happen to children on a daily basis.

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2-Man Cypher Interview (2014)


This interview has been a long time in coming.  When I heard the 2-Man Cypher (Sleep and Cain) album, Queen City Bastards,  I was made into an instant fan.  The realism of that album, enhanced by the sheer skill of the emcees was nothing short of amazing.  I am of the frame of mind that 2-Man Cypher is going to the top.  How can they not?   They have all the intangibles.  Make sure you pass this interview along and cop that album at all costs.  Also, check for their future music projects.  It’s all next level material.

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