Single You Out: Revalation – Death To All Fakes (ft. Senica Da Misfit & Don Streat) (prod. By DJ Brans)



This is a DJ Brans produced banger off of Revalation’s new project, Feature Presentation.   The sound is live.  DJ Brans always delivers on these tough tracks while Rev, joined by Senica Da Misfit and Don Streat, make sure to represent to the fullest.  I have to say, I have never heard Senica Da Misfit previously,  but his bars leave a lasting impression.  I would be interested in hearing some more material.

Producer’s Spotlight: Cool FD (2013)

FBbanner_COOL FD

I am way behind in giving credit to some of my favorite producers so I wanted to play a little catch up and introduce you all to another favorite producer of mine, Cool FD.   I first bore witness to Cool FD’s skill level as a producer when he was concocting beats for the likes of Don Streat and Macabeats.  At the time he was rocking under the pseudonym of, Keno Beats and just recently came up with the name change.

I think Cool FD is a breath of fresh air in this hip hop business.   He is two parts boom bap and one part soul. Or maybe it’s two parts soul, and one part boom bap?  I will let you decide.   The point is that this is a producer you need to keep your ears pinned back for.  As a matter of fact he has a project dropping with Don Streat on October 15th entitled Bare My Soul.    If you want to hip him up, you can catch him on Twitter, Facebook, or his Blog.  Make sure you check the tracks below!


Born and raised in Orleans, FRANCE in 1984, Cool FD (fka Keno Beats) is the type of producer that is  truly passionate about Hip Hop culture.  He is motivated by his faith in positivity and always looking for new ways to improve his beat skills and knowledge of the music business. His beats are an unseen chemistry between soulful and street boom bap, that permits Cool FD to work with talented emcees from all around the planet.

Cool FD’s Handpicked Joints

Single You Out: Don Streat – Colors Remix (ft. Mayhem of EMS) (prod. by Cool FD)


Don Streat (Baltimore, MD) and Cool FD (Orleans, France) drop the single Colors Remix featuring Mayhem of EMS from their upcoming project named Bare My Soul.   And while I do not have a set release date for the project, knowing the parties involved, I know it’s going to be dope.   Cool FD intermingles funk elements into this hip hop production giving Don Streat and Mayhem something live to spit their verses upon.

FYI…we will be showcasing Cool FD on the first of October so make sure you check back for that.

Single You Out: Don Streat x S.O.N. – Jewels (Remix) (prod. by Keno Beats)



I am bored with the music being concocted over the course of the last couple of weeks at least in terms of the singles dropping.  It’s just the same mundane material.  But leave it to Keno Beats to wake me up out of the funk with Jewels Remix which will be featured on his collaborative album with Don Streat, Bare My Soul.  I’ve always liked Don Streat.  I just wish I could get a full length project from him.  Looks like I might get my wish…

Unprecedented Vol. 2 Compilation (February 2012)

This is the best songs compiled from February 2012.  The 2nd such compilation in our series. It’s the best way to catch up on some of the dopest singles released in the month. Nothing but the best for you guys. Enjoy the streaming excellence….


1. Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance
2. Fatal Lucciauno – Black Hoodie Rap (ft. Spac3man)
3. Don Streat – Rapper Shot Remix (ft. Termanology and Lil Fame)
4. Illmaculate – Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads
5. Kyo Itachi x Ruste Juxx – Hardest From The Underground
6. Sutter Kain – Traitor Remix (ft. Naymez x Donnie Darko)
7. The AbSoulJah – In My Element
8. Juan Deuce – People (ft. Romen Rok)
9. Shaz Illyork – Fly Creature (ft. Spit Gemz x Carmen Indhira x Stavin’ B)
10. Just Flow x MaV – Joey Crawford
11. Godilla – Rusty Machete
12. K-Hill – The Covenant
13. Locksmith – Illuminati

Listen Here

Praverb The Wyse – Professional Hobbyist (2011)

Artist: Praverb The Wyse

Album: Professional Hobbyist

Source: Artist


1. My Journey
2. Professional Hobbyist
3. Blue Collar (ft. Don Streat)
4. Everlasting Struggle
5. For My People
6. The Critic
7. Nothing To Gain
8. I Pray (Fall To My Knees)
9. That’s How It Is (ft. Don Streat)
10. November 11th
11. The Critic (Smimooz Remix)


Lets face it, we live in a world where people are just not honest with themselves and others.  Artists portray themselves often times as something that they are not.  It happens everywhere but is extremely prevalent in the music industry.  It is especially, true in a convoluted independent music environment when so many people are vying for exposure.  In walks, Praverb The Wyse, who with his album, Professional Hobbyist, bucks that trend.

We have talked about Praverb before as a member of the collective known as The Brainstormers.  What separates him, and makes him noteworthy?  Well part of that is just being genuine.  He speaks from his own experiences and not that of someone else.  The second element that makes him worth talking about is that God given ability.  Lets face it, not everybody has a voice to be an emcee.  You can’t teach that or coach that. Praverb’s voice and flow command respect and attention.  Professional Hobbyist is the culmination of that honesty and talent that everyone will be able to appreciate.

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