Silent Knight – Holla Burton (5 Year Anniversary Ed.)


Silent Knight release Holla Burton in 2008 and now he’s re-releasing the project which includes the instrumentals to the original twelve song.  Anything, SK puts out is worth listening to and this no different.  You’ve got production from !llmind, Analogic, M-Phazes, Jake One and DJ Vadim.  That’s some of the illest beatsmiths in the game.  It’s Christmas and this is a true gift.  I’ve owned it for a while, now it’s your turn to catch up!


1. Holla Burton Intro
2. Regular Guy (produced by !llmind)
3. Pop Culture Shock (produced by Jake One)
4. Scarlet Fever (feat. East) (produced by Erv Ford)
5. Where Is It Goin? (produced by DJ Vadim)
6. Be OK (produced by M-Phazes)
7. The Journey Continues (produced by DJ Ings)
8. The Wager (feat. 8thW1 & Fresh Daily as Charlie Brown’s Field Goal) (produced by !llmind)
9. What Makes U (produced by Erv Ford)
10. Goin’ Get It (produced by Analogic)
11. Block Justice (produced by M-Phazes)
12. Siren Symphony (produced by Erv Ford)

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No. 1 Epsilon Project – Audacity EP (2010)

Epsilon Project

Audacity EP



  1. A.O.D. Intro
  2. Audacity Of
    Dope (prod. by Seize)
  3. Turn It Up (prod. by
    Soopa Koopa)
  4. Inspiration (prod. by Kev
  5. America (prod. by DJ
  6. In God We Trust (prod by DJ
  7. Poor World (ft. Mr Lee) (prod. by OhNo)
  8. Sleeping
    Giant (ft. Dopamine Rush of P.O.E.)
  9. Deranged
    Vets (prod. by V.I)

Our #1 EP from 2010 goes to the Epsilon Project’s
Audacity. To say that this project is quality
would be severely understating it’s worth. This is one of the most
solid projects that dropped in the last two years because it knocks
from start to finish. The array of emcees and production really
adds to making Audacity the dynamic project that it is.
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