Single You Out: DJ Rybe – Ambrosia (ft. Code Nine and Smoovth)


Here’s a new DJ Rybe produced track featuring rhymes from Code Nine and Smoovth.  The resulting product is definitely some head not effect.  Rybe gets the horns blowing  and the emcees put in some excellent work.   Not sure if this is off of an future project, but I hope you checked out Rybe’s Channel Zero from early last year., as that was some serious dope.

Single You Out: Spic Academy – Tamales

The homie Godilla put me onto this new illness from his new group, Spic Academy. The group consists of emcees, Adrian Adonis and the aforementioned Godilla, along with producers JBL The Titan and DJ Rybe.

Word is out that the group has an EP in the works, and the proof is in the pudding, so if you feel this track is ill, undoubtedly you are going to feel the project.

Eff Yoo & Godilla – They Came On Horseback (Video)

I had no idea this was even in the works.  Didn’t know that Eff Yoo and Godilla even were aware of each other.   It’s really quite awesome when two artists of this caliber link up though.  I have long been a fan of Godilla and became aware of Eff Yoo a couple of years ago and he’s been droppin’ dope music ever since.  The whole project is due out on June 3rd and I am anxious to hear what the two have cooked up.   This is definitely a short but dope banger!