Single You Out: El Prez x Professor H – Get Up (ft. DJ Rhettmatic)

El Prez and Professor H have an INCREDIBLY fresh project out now, Angels With Dirty Faces. The whole things is soulful and has such a smooth vibe to it. And when there are so many projects hitting so heavy (which is great…don’t get me wrong) it’s nice to hear something that you can simply vibe to. Yeah….this music is a cleansing experience! And, Get Up, features the legend….DJ Rhettmatic…none of you can front on this!

All Natural – What’s Real (ft. J.U.I.C.E. and DJ Rhettmatic) (Video)

If you are remotely familiar with Chicago hip hop you are going to know what legends are in this video.  All Natural, has been a staple in scene for decades, and here they are teaming up lyrically with none other than the incomparable J.U.I.C.E who has a very storied career.  These artists prove beyond doubt that they still carry not only the torch for their city but hip hop in general.   Add to the fact that they have Panik on the boards and DJ Rhettmatic on the tables…this track has legendary written all over it.

Coming from the EP, Dark Night, which I believe still has yet to be released, but can’t wait!

CookBook x DJ Rhettmatic – Let’s Go! (ft. Phesto)



This cut from CookBook and DJ Rhettmatic’s forthcoming project, Phantom Menace, represents the melding of three really ill Cali crews.  LA Symphony, Hieroglyphics, and The Beat Junkies all represent well on this joint.  The beat is especially impressive.   It’s like an uptempo symphony.  The project is dropping this Tuesday so be on the lookout!

Brown Bag AllStars: Rhett Committed Murder (Video)

The Brown Bag AllStars conglomerate is back at it again, delivering you the fresh visuals that you need and deserve.  This video made me want to go to purchase a bike and hang out with my friends from middle school…but enough of that…

Rhett Committed Murder can be found on the crew’s latest EP, the Brown Label Part 2.