Co$$ – Blasphemy in Babylon (prod. DJ Mentos)

Very few people approach religion as unabashed as Co$$.  He does it without being abrasive but really sets the table for the listener to think.  He is a keen observer and a thinking man which really sets him apart.  That, and he is an extremely gifted emcee. Black Hockey Players is set to drop soon and I will provide more information on that as it becomes available.  DJ Mentos is on the boards.

Single You Out: Swerve – Pay Day: No Idea


Swerve is constantly cranking out new songs and he wants folks to get in on the action and pass the word on with his new “Pay Day” series.  Every 1st and 15th (get the reference now?) Swerve and/or  SYG will be dropping a gem on us as a prelude to their forthcoming album.

Here Swerve continues to rock over these smooth DJ Mentos beats.  The duo have a very nostalgic vibe to them.   It’s like they are making music right out of this black and white picture above.