Single You Out: Dirt Disciples – Panoramic (ft. Torae)

First and foremost, Dirt Disciples consists of the raw and gritty duo, Rome Clientel and DJ Concept  and they are about to hit you with a new project, The Ambition, which is dropping on October 9th.   This single features a very recognizable beat as well as guest rhymer in, Torae.  In the joint, Panormic, you find no shortage of boom bap, that is sure to ensnare hip hop fans off all walks of life.

Single You Out: Dirt Disciples – I Hear Voices

Rome Clientel and DJ Concept are the Dirt Disciples and this is their first track from their forthcoming, self-titled  EP.   In Rome’s own words:  “The song came from imagining my own death and the battle over my soul between heaven and hell and what that would be like.”  It’s eerie and soulful simultaneously in addition to being thought provoking.  Enjoy!