Single You Out: Dillon & Diamond D – Feast

If you see Diamond D’s name on anything these day, heads pay attention, and as well they should. Especially on this track, when Dillon is rhyming. Dillon could be heard on the insanely slept on 2016 project, Food Chain. He has all of the intangibles that you look for in an emcee, and with DITC backing, he is sure to gain a little more well-deserved recognition. This is a pretty mellow single off of the forthcoming collaboration, Black Tie Affair, due out on September 8th.

BIGREC – Unstoppable (Video)

This new Bigrec and Diamond D album is serious business.  Real serious.    I listened to Doomsday this morning and was blown away.  I was not really familiar with Bigrec up until this point but now consider him all over this radar!    The production Diamond D cooked up for this album is quite literally impeccable and Bigrec is a top notch lyricist.  He’s got an incredible flow as is demonstrated by this single, Unstoppable.  The album is a must cop so I expect you to do right…

Kid Tsunami – No Guarantees (ft. Yesh) (Diamond Remix)

If Diamond D remixes your joint it is definitely worth hearing.  I love how the beat flips in between verses.  I can only guess that  the piano laced funk is the original  beat by Kid Tsunami and then, more obviously, the darker boom bap is the work of the legend Diamond D.

The other component of this track that I am diggin is that it features Yesh.  I have been a long time fan of his and it’s good to see him doing work.  As I understand it, he might have some more music coming out.  I am going to be looking for that.  He has a classic flow.  Very easy going.

The other thing I am checking out is Kid Tsunami’s album, The Chase.  His production is dope and that album has a grip of legends on it. Peep game.!