Pawz One – Bringing It Back (ft. Self Provoked) (Video)

Oh?  You didn’t have that neck brace handy?   Cuz you are going to need the chiropractor for this song right here.  I am a little late on this, but in truth, just in time for when Pawz One drops his album,  Face The Facts.   I know this album is going to make a statement for 2014.  There’s no question about that.  I have heard a couple of cuts from it at this point and each of those joints was certified.  In regards to this joint, producer Default, put his name in the hat for beat of the year.   This production to use the words of the incomparable C-Rayz Walz  is “dumb hot, like retarded group sex”.  Both the emcees bring their unique blend of boom bap to the microphone.  Self Provoked looks incredibly young, but his skill level beguiles his age.  Dope track.   Album drops on Tuesday.