Single You Out: M-Dot (ft. Kool G Rap x Revalation) (prod. by The Mighty V.I.C.)

M-Dot’s new single, Decadence, takes us through time when he invites emcees Kool G Rap, M-Dot, and Revalation to drop some verses over a beat from The Might V.I.C. The production, for my ears, harkens back to 1990s, with losts of synth elements, appropriately placed horns, and scratches from DJ Jean Maron applying LL Cool J samples. Each emcee picks takes on a time frame and takes us back to that place from their own perspective. The concept is articulated perfectly and I am positive all will enjoy.

K.A.A.N. – Decadence (Video)

K.A.A.N. is such a unique talent and I love his skill set. A unique flow, intelligent lyricism, and a diverse artistic mind when it comes to crafting songs. This track has this fun and fresh vibe to it that is sponsored by Smuff Tha Quiz. It harkens back to the sound of 1990s Souls Of Mischief or Pharcyde to me…or if you are on this level MadKap.

At any rate….I believe there is a new project from K.A.A.N. dropping on July 9th. This man is always working. Be on the look out.