MadKem – Death At The Chophouse (2011)

Artist: MadKem

Album: Death At The Chophouse

Source: 2DopeBoyz


1. Soon Enough
2. Malcolm Browne (prod. DaveNotti)
3. What We On (prod. Analogic)
4. Y E A H! feat. Silent Knight & Wordsworth [prod. DaveNotti]
5. Slow Burner (feat. Silent Knight) [prod. SeeMore]
6. Louis XIV
7. Never Know (prod. Laudz)
8. Back 2the Rawness (feat. Silent Knight) [prod. Analogic]
9. Forthcoming (prod. DaveNotti)
10. Living Out Our Dreams (feat. Silent Knight & East) [prod. Laudz]
11. The Epidemic (prod. DaveNotti)
12. Interlude 4 U (feat. J Mac)
13. Black Mamba
14. Change of the Guard
15. ‘Til I Go (feat. Jered Sanders) [prod. DaveNotti]
16. Just Watch Us (feat. East & Silent Knight) [prod. Analogic]
17. Mister Señor Love Daddy, Pt. 2 [prod. DaveNotti]
18. The World Is Mine [prod. Analogic]
19. Here We Go (Analogic Remix) [feat. East & Silent Knight]
20. Violent (feat. Silent Knight) [prod. Laudz]
21. New Known Fact (prod. SeeMore)


MadKem has an album dropping in September and this mixtape is to serve as a precursor to that album.  It is a compilation of older material and compilations MadKem has appeared on.  I am familiar with MadKem from his appearances on all of those Elementality/DJ KO EPs that were produced last year.  I liked those a lot.  I also am a big fan of Silent Knight, and as you can see, he is all over this mixtape.  So  I expected this mixtape to be pretty dope.  But to put it plainly, this really exceeded my expectations.

MadKem is a lot iller than I gave him credit for.  He has a great mic presence and his lyricism is very clever throughout.  So now I find myself fiending for this new album next month.

You absolutely have to give this mixtape and download and listen.  It’s imperative.  This is one of those moments you can have as a listener where you can enjoy a release from start to finish and come away with an appreciation for an artist you may not be familiar with.