Single You Out: Shaz IllYork – Chopper (G-Mix) (ft. Nems, Poison Pen, Nutso & Danse Daimons)


Let the horns blow!  It’s like a call to war on this track.  Some of my favorite emcees gathered for this remix to Shaz Illyork’s Chopper. We got Nems, Poison Pen, Nutso, and Danse Daimons.  I am not familiar with the latter artist but the former gentlemen are certified body bag rhymers.   I was particularly impressed with Poison Pen’s bars.  I haven’t heard him in a long while and he sounded certified fresh on this joint.  I can’t wait to get my hands on Illyork’s Deadstock Revival.

Morgue music.

Single You Out: Shaz Illyork – Extraordinary Humans (ft. Starvin’ B x Nems)


I heard you like ill posse cuts, well guess what we have here?   Yeah this what happens when The Opposition and FYL team up on a track.  The body count just rises.  George Black cooks up a dark symphony for our emcees to spit lava rock over.  This is yet more illness from Shaz Illyork’s upcoming, Deadstock Revival.