Single You Out: Taiyamo Denku – Bottom To The Top (ft. Black Rob and Urban Legend)

Taiyamo Denku put me on to his latest piece of work, Bottom To The Top, produced by Dcypha.   My first thought when hearing this track is that this is hype hip hop lullaby.  The music from Dcypha definitely lends itself to a more mellow approach but these emcees are not interested in anything soft.  Denku, Black Rob, and Urban Legend all drop some hard hard bars with their own unique stylings.   Stay tuned for more music from Denku.  Dude is always working.

Single You Out: Taiyamo Denku – Ice Cold (ft. Kool G Rap x Vinnie Paz) (prod. by DCYPHA)

It’s hard to argue with the dopeness found in this song.  Taiyamu Denku and Australian producer DCYPHA are out to create some night stalker music with their collaborative album, SUPERNATURAL.  The album is going to drop on June 25th with a slew of dope guest spots.   As a matter of fact, with Kool G Rap and Vinnie Paz on this joint, I am pretty sure that someone lost their life in the making of this song…Fire!!!