Check The Discography: Cyrano aka Cy Yung

This is a new series that I am launching.   With all of these free downloads (no one is complaining) being offered from so many dope artists sometime releases get lost in the shuffle.  I can think of several artists off the top of my head that would fit in this category.

(Disclaimer) Check The Discography is not meant to be a comprehensive look at an artists’ breadth of work.  It is meant to give you an idea, and level of appreciation for what these artists have done and allow new fans to get in contact with older material.  I can not look for every single track forever this category will represent available and downloadable Mixtapes/EPs/LPs

I find it fitting that our first entry be Cyrano aka Cy Yung.  He just released The Bayou Blue project a couple of weeks ago but overall it seems like the man is relentless.  He continuously puts out dope music.  I need to give a shout out to Khal over at the Rock The Dub for putting me on to this artist.  I am an avid reader of  Rock The Dub and thusly I am now an avid listener of Cyrano.  Most of these albums/mixtapes can be found over at Rock The Dub but I have compiled them in one post for your listening pleasure.  If you are asking me my favorite.  Soul Train Dancer:  A Tribute To Rosie Perez.  Just click the artwork to download that particular release and enjoy.