OnlyOne – Cult Classic 2 (2013)



Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic 2



No.  I haven’t listened to it all yet.  I just saw it was available and immediately wanted to share it with you.   The three singles that were released earlier and OnlyOne’s previous works alone merit that you download this FREE release.   So stop hemming and hawing and get this one on are your hard drive immediately.   I will do a more proper write up later, but for now just enjoy the music.


Single You Out: OnlyOne – Counter Intelligence (ft. IAME and Goldini Bagwell)


Cult Classic 2 is slated to drop on August 20th.  I can’t wait.   This track showcases not OnlyOne’s business but also that of Sandpeople cohorts, IAME and Goldini Bagwell.  It’s dope through and through, but the beat by  THNDRTHF is certainly worth noting.  It mixes clashing symbols and a diverse amount of electronica.  It lends the necessary amount of paranoia to the song.