Supastition – The Blackboard EP (2013)


Artist: Supastition

Album: The Blackboard EP

Source: You Could See This Coming A Mile Away


1. The Blackboard (ft Faust & Shortee) (Prod. by Rik Marvel)
2. Daydream (Prod. by Veterans)
3. Indestructible (ft Faust & Shortee) (Prod. by M-phazes)
4. Rejoice (Prod. by Veterano)
5. Best Worst Day (Prod. by Dirty Art Club)
6. Yada Yada (Prod. by Marco Polo)
7. Expectations (Prod. by The Mighty DR; Scratches by Shylow)
8. Perfect World (ft Dominique) (Prod. by Croup)


I remember when I was told that Supastition was retiring as an emcee.  I was demoralized.  I thought to myself that he was a casualty of an unsupportive audience got tired of not being paid for the quality of his work.  I was fed up with “fans” of hip hop.    It was at that point that I started working more vigilantly on getting this blog started.  I wanted to promote dope hip hop artists and push the fan base to contribute to the art they so love and enjoy.  In essence Supastition is literally a major factor as to why I am typing this now.

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Single You Out: Praverb The Wyse – Waiting For The Finish


Praverb the Wyse links up with Croup once again to provide you a smooth, introspective track.  Praverb is the king of introspection in my mind.  He takes ‘every man’ concepts and sets them to rhyme and rhythm to make great music.  His first verse regarding being a father is especially poignant and well thought out.

If Praverb isn’t a staple in your iTunes collection yet…make room!

Single You Out: Animal Pak (Don Streat and Praverb the Wyse) – Banger

There may not be a more appropriately named song this year.  Simple, yet well earned.  Croup has put together a top ten production this year, while Praverb and Don Streat put axe to grindstone creating sharp verses (you like that one don’t you.)  I like the idea of this, ‘Animal Pak’ group.  A good combination that is going to turn a lot of heads.