DJ Connect Presents “Creative Juices Mixtape”


01. Dj Connect – Intro
02. IDE & Alucard ft. Killah Priest – Deadly Fang (Remix)
03. IDE & Alucard ft. Respect Tha God – Porcelain Gods
04. Nems, I Am Many, CF, Swave Sevah, Destruments -Free Form
05. IDE & Dj Connect – 1043
06. Jise – Never Afraid
07. IDE & Alucard ft. Critical, UG – For Fuck Sake
08. IDE – Reconstruct Your Design
09. IDE & Dj Connect ft. Creative Juices – Nation Of Goons (Remix)
10. UG – Portals
11. Nems – I Get Down
12. Critical & Dj Connect ft. Little Vic, Roc Marciano – I Want It (Remix) / (Original Version)
13. Nems – Keep Bangin
14. Alucard – Loose Screw
15. Critical ft. IDE, Jise, Alucard – Surgeon Generalz
16. Steele, UG, IDE, Alucard – Grimey (Remix)

This is a yearly musical synopsis from the fam over at Creative Juices. The crew over their has been one of my favorites for three of four years now. They are always cranking out dope jams, and this mixtape gives you a taste of more than just a few of them. Again, this is a great way to get you caught up with the crew or get put on as a fan. Obviously this is mixed by the skilled talent that is DJ Connect. They have loads of great music in store for 2013 as well. Enjoy!

Single You Out: Strange Tongue (cRITICAL & Mygrane McNastee) – Boogieman Anthem (ft. Midaz The Beast)

This track has been out for 14 days?  Damn.  Where was I at?  I just recently got the Creative Juices Music Newsletter and this track was front and center.  Strange Tongue is comprised of cRITICAL and Mygrane McNastee and this is the first single from their upcoming album, Mutant Dialect.   Boogieman Anthem is for all those who fear what goes bump in the night.   Super-Producer, Junior Makhno uses low octave piano chords and a haunting organ providing the canvas for the emcees to make the skin crawl.  Peep…

Critical – Quarantine (2012)

Artist: Critical

Album: Quarantine

Source: Creative Juices Music


1. Wreckage
2. Glidin’ (ft. Tzarizm)
3. Time Flies
4. A Vibe Called Stress (ft. Tzarizm)
5. Menace To Sobriety (ft. Madness)
6. The Difference


More than not, talented hip hop acts get buried under the bulk of “hip hop” music getting made these days.  Case in point, a guy like Critical, who has been making dope music for years, can fly underneath the radar while other less talented folks (who will remain unmentioned) get all of the shine.  Well, hopefully his most current release, Quarantine, will change all of that.

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Single You Out: Critcal – The Difference (ft. Tzarizm)


New music from Creative Juice’s own, Critical. The production on this joint is manufactured by Tzarizm. I love the horns on the track and Critical bodies the beat as he differentiates himself from his ‘competition’ or lack there of. This is another artist that heads need to check for off a very talented roster. This is the first single off his forthcoming Quarantine project. Can’t wait…

Critical – Clinical Studies (2012)

Wow. What a nice surprise this was!  I own most of these jawns from Critical, but to see them all in once place is impressive.  The man has put in work, and this project puts that into perspective.  Critical is a very talented emcee on the Creative Juices roster and has an album dropping later this year entitled, Electrical Tape.  My favorite joints are his collaborations with Little Vic which are done under the monniker, Hidden Agenda.

Check this mixtape out.  You are bound to find some interesting gems.


Creative Juices – Sampler #2

Just trying to quickly put you onto some new music from the Creative Juices Music family.  There are soooo many good joints off of this sampler.  I have already heard most of them from the projects they already dropped on and they are all very dope.  Just check the credits and I think you will find it a necessity to check this out.

If you are not familiar with the Creative Juices’ body of work, this is a great release to start with.  You can check it out for free by hitting the download button below.