Single You Out: Cayoz – Out The Box (ft. Vandalyzm, Add – 2 , and Dj Grazzhoppa) (prod. By Cool FD)

This new single from Cayoz will inevitably have you nodding your head and snapping those fingers.   Out The Box is a complete hip hop party for you ears.  Cool FD puts together some of his best work for this track with the jazzy flavor, horns, and pianos.  It’s layer after layer of musical dopeness.   Then you’ve got Grazzhoppa chopping up an old school Slick Rick sample amongst others making it even more memorable.   Cayoz, Vandalyzm, and Add-2 each drop a dope 16 to make this song stick with you.

Single You Out: Jamil Honesty x Cool FD – Salute (ft. Fel Sweetenberg b/w Salute Remix (ft. Fel Sweetenberg x Ill Conscious)

The combo of Jamil Honesty and Cool FD are back at it again with a new single and a remix for that very single. This joint is a a true gem. Cool FD cooks up some production on the original that sounds so effortless. It’s smooth, soulful, and has enough knock to snap that neck back. Honesty and Sweetenberg integrate seamlessly within the rhythm and drop some crisp flows with some sick lyricism. I am particularly impressed with Honesty who sounds right at home with this beat right here.

The only thing different on the remix is the addition of a new sixteen featuring Ill Conscious. And he really does make a nice contribution with his verse.

Be on the lookout for Cool FD and Jamil Honesty’s forthcoming project, The Missing Flag.

Single You Out: Mic Handz x Ali Starr – HD (prod by Cool FD)

Cool FD does his thing by blending soul and boom bap into sublime fusion while Mic Handz and Ali Starr bring their rhymes front in center in the ‘High Definition’ fashion.  The two emcees sound like they’ve been rocking mics together for the longest while in truth, this is there first cut.  I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes this union of skill.  This is most definitely a live track.

Single You Out: Grimace Love – Past Life (Cool FD Remix)

I feel like I have featured Grimace Love before on the site, but upon further inspection, maybe not.  At any rate, Cool FD put me on to this remix that he did for the emcee, and to sy this song goes would simply be an understatement.  Cool FD nails it with the horns and the snares, providing a serious head nodder.  Grimace Love has that nice gritty flavor that put this beat to great use.  I liked it enough to check out the album, Strength, which originally dropped in November of last year.

Single You Out: SlumPritt X SunEye – TruChemistCookUp (prod. By Cool FD)



SlumPritt and SunEye link up with the extremely prolific Cool FD for another banger.  The producer summons an organ in the background and then unleashes the boom bap drums for the duo to drop a consistent salvo of flames over.   It’s just one of those tracks that you find yourself nodding your head to and when it’s over, you need to hunt up some Excedrin to cope with the neck pain.

I am not sure whose project this is, but this is a single for Chemistree Class EP

Cool FD x Macabeats – The Fix (cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)

Cool FD and Macabeats are back at it again with their new cut, The Fix.  These guys are good and I mean really good.  I don’t know these artists on a day in, day out basis but I can appreciate the work ethic and the talent they collaborate with and the consistency with which they do it.  Working with DJ Grazzhoppa is always a win and I mention him every chance I get, because working with him gives your track a definitive boost.    The track is smooth, yet bangs, while Macabeats drops some jewels:

…Keep it a 100 jack/ I’m trying to get my numbers back  / Seven beats a week, chop a sample like a lumberjack / And when I start bubble Ima double back / Tell the haters Hi, then I run it back…It’s Mac!