Single You Out: Cayoz – Fire & Ice (ft. Phoenix Pagliacci) (Prod. By O*Zee)


Cayoz is back to releasing personal fire in 2018.  Fire & Ice features production from long time collaborator O*Zee and vocals of Phoenix Pagliacci.  The music is the perfect mixture for Cayoz’ subject matter of relationships, and the good and bad that comes when you encounter people of different mindsets.  Each verse relates a different aspect of how opposing mental forces mingle together.  It’s clever and relatable, and memorable.

Single You Out: Cayoz – Out The Box (ft. Vandalyzm, Add – 2 , and Dj Grazzhoppa) (prod. By Cool FD)

This new single from Cayoz will inevitably have you nodding your head and snapping those fingers.   Out The Box is a complete hip hop party for you ears.  Cool FD puts together some of his best work for this track with the jazzy flavor, horns, and pianos.  It’s layer after layer of musical dopeness.   Then you’ve got Grazzhoppa chopping up an old school Slick Rick sample amongst others making it even more memorable.   Cayoz, Vandalyzm, and Add-2 each drop a dope 16 to make this song stick with you.

Single You Out: Cayoz – Leave Me Alone (ft. $am Santiago)


Finally, Cayoz has dropped his long awaited album, Beyond The Moniker.   In truth I have been waiting for this album for over a year at this point.  But it was definitely worth the wait.

Throughout the album, Cayoz shows the multiple facets of himself, with my favorite aspect being his interpersonal messages.  He once again puts the thoughts and feelings that we all go through into brilliantly orchestrated music.  Leave Me Alone, is the perfect example of what I am talking about.  Who doesn’t feel the need to be left alone at some point?

Single You Out: Cayoz – Letras Líquidos (Feat. SageInfinie, P​-​Hill The Genesis & DJ Grazzhoppa)


New Cayoz material, and this time he brought a few friends to rock over some Spanish influenced hip hop production.  I didn’t realize that Cayoz’s production skills were so refined either.  He definitely put together something proper with Letras Liquidos. One of the things that has been a MO of Cayoz is the fact that he puts together thought provoking music.  But what gets lost in the translation sometimes is just how technically gifted he is as an emcee.  Sageinfinie and P Hill The Genesis both make solid contributions with their verse as well.  And what can I say, that I have not already about DJ Grazzhoppa?  I will say it again though for those of you who have not been listening:  Grazzhoppa has the Midas Touch.  If he is on the track, it’s going to be good.

Unprecedented Vol. 3 Compilation (July 2012)

It’s been a while since I put one of these together and for that I apologize.  There were quite a few tracks that I heard in July and wanted to put them together for one of these compilations…so without further ado…


1. Animal Pak (Praverb the Wyse x Don Street) – Banger
2. Substantial – Check My Resume
3. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Eddie B x Smoke DZA – Futuristic
4. Illogic x Blockhead – Poster Boy
5. Dub MD x Vandalyzm x Substantial x Kel Spencer x K-Sise – Requiem
6. Cayoz x Ensilence – Retrospect
7. Layne Harper – Medicine Cabinet
8. Veteran Assassins – Paint The Town Red
9. Sciarii x Tableek x Blacastan – Fear No Man
10. Miami Beat Wave x Locos Por Juana x Omniscient x ArtOfficial – Succeed
11.Skrewtape x C-Rayz Walz x Shabaam Sahdeeq – 3 Ring Circus
12. CF – Terminate On Site
13. Serge Severe x Zapata – Hunger Games

Listen Here