CashUs King – GLORY (feat. Jeff Johnson II) (Video)

I’ve been fan of CashUs King since the days he was putting out projects under the name Co$$. I’ve always been infatuated with the flow. The man is just so fluid and in command of his prose. The songs almost sound like natural conversation. The track Glory has a gospel and spiritual element to it as King and Jeff Johnson II liberate some bars to keep the listener uplifted.

Single You Out: Cashus King – What The World Made


I think I may have mentioned this before but Cashus King (f/k/a Co$$) is one of my favorite artists, period.  The way he weaves personality, soul, hip hop, social commentary, and a kind of spiritualtity is just something to behold.  No one is doing what he is doing with the mic.  He is in a league of his own.    All of the above qualities and skills can be found in this song, The World Made.   And that track can be found on his new project, Figure 8, which dropped last month…and dropped FREE OF CHARGE.  But be kind and drop some coin on it…I guarantee it’s worth it’s weight.

Single You Out: Cashus King – King Yamin (ft. Yamin Semali)

Here’s some real dopiness from Cashus King and Yamin Semali. I am not sure who produced it, but the production really moves and gets that head nodding while King and and Semali use their contrasting styles to offer insights on an assortment of different topics. The dynamic between the two artists is pure. They really play off of each other well. I REALLY hope to hear more from these artists.