Single You Out: Soul Khan – Supreme Righteous



Soul Khan was sorely missed in 2013.  He did put out a few songs and a revamped EP but we so wanted more because as fans we are selfish bastards.  Well, the song Supreme Righteous certainly is vintage Soul Khan.  The pace of the track is certainly deliberate as if Khan wants you to get each and every clever turn of phrase.  He’s got quite a few lines on the track that include movie references which will take you a back. Quality music.  The production is handled by Walker Swain.

Single You Out: J57 – Been A Long Time (ft. ATR) (prod. by Exile)



Good lord, man!  I mean double good God!  Seven Hail Marys and Three Holy Mollies!  J57 is an outstanding producer in his own right but what Exile did on this track, with that sample, is on some ‘holier than thou’ tip.  That’s just outstanding.  I get down for some good production but that’s remarkable.  And not to get lost in the mix is that J57 can hold the mic right.  He’s a very underrated emcee, mostly because he’s known as a great producer.  Things might start changing when it comes to being underrated when people here his new project, Wax Aesthetic, dropping January 28th.


Single You Out: Coarse Company – Bohemians



New track from the collective known as Coarse Company, which is comprised of Koncept and Tenacity.   And for these Bohemians the sky is the limit when rocking over this uncredited (as far as I can tell) production.   The two emcees really blend their unique styles for the sake of making some good hip hop.  That’s selfless.

Their project, Same Page, drops for free on December 17th (a mere day away).