Single You Out: Broadway Barrett – In My Blood



Broadway Barrett releases his first single of 2014  in the form of, In My Blood.    On the track Barrett narrates his desire to survive and succeed so he can keep his plate full .   The track has a lot of jump to it with an organ really being the driving factor within the production.

As (sometimes) usual, I am not sure if this track is part of a larger picture, but is certainly worth the listen.

Local-Mu12 – LABOR DAY (Album Sampler)

I don’t post promotional material as a rule of thumb, but  I have a special place in my heart for music made by the Local-Mu12 collective.  I have actually been asking about the status of this release for a couple of months now as it was originally slated for a Labor Day release.  It got pushed back with the ever popular TBD release.  But now it’s hitting the interwebs on December 17th so write that date down.  This is a quick sampler of the entire album and if this doesn’t wet your appetite, you MFers can simply stay malnourished!

Single You Out: Local-MU12 – Champion (ft. Skyzoo)



Locl-MU12 once again drops a gem on us with the release of the single, Champion, featuring Skyzoo.   Real McKoy laces a proper beat for Stryfe, Broadway Barrett, and Skyzoo to rock over.  Everything sounds really good about this joint.   That is a great indicator, because the collective is dropping it’s debut album,  Labor Day on September 3rd.

Single You Out: Broadway Barrett – Pray For My Downfall (ft. Zak-1 and P.Dot)



Leave it up to the Local-MU12 collective to keep it popping.  It’s a dog eat dog world and the competition is fierce so it’s no wonder that people would be praying for his downfall.  Broadway Barrett is a talented emcee dropping heavy bars with compatriots.  He also produced this banger.  This is just a tough track all around.  Enjoy.

Single You Out: Local-Mu12 (The 17th x Fokis x Broadway Barrett) – Unhappy


Local Mu-12 is readying their debut album and this is the first single from the project.   This particular cut features The 17th, Fokis, and Broadway Barrett.  The 17th laces the beat which sounds as if I was walking through an evil carnival.  I am a huge fan of the crews’ body of work and really am looking forward to what they have to offer a full length project.  The camp has so many diverse styles and embodies the talent level that you can find in today’s music scene.    This cut may be entitled ‘Unhappy’ but it certainly brought a smile to this mug. I hope you enjoy…