Single You Out: Born Allah – Jabril (Let The Horns Blow) (ft. Rakaa)

Born Allah links up with Rakaa for his single, Jabril (Let The Horns Blow). And the results are powerful. Zpu-Zilla laces those heavenly horns and lets the funk go in epic fashion, while these two west coast legends let us relish in the talent, each dropping appropriately ill bars.

This is from his project, Analog Baby, that is due out on January 7th.

Born Allah & Erule – Classick (ft. Planet Asia) (Video)

West Coast legends Born Allah, Erule, and Planet Asia connect on the appropriately titled cut, Classick.  These emcees are some of the originators of this classic hip hop sound and have represented the Left Coast more than appropriately throughout the years.    Enjoy this cut and cross your fingers that there’s more music left to hear! (This is the remix version of the track produced by Longevity)

Born Allah – Fuck Your Favorite Rapper Pt. II (Video)

This is a video from February that I evident ally missed because I KNOW if I would have seen it then, it would have gotten love immediately.   There are hoards of people that feel the way Born Allah does, but he put the words to paper and named some names.  There’s no reason to be shy about it.   It’s about time people got confrontational about the music and culture they love.

I wish I could get a Born Allah and E-Rule full length…(off topic, but on my mind)


Born Allah & Erule – Dub Fritterz (ft. Black Suga) (Video)

Let me be frank here:  If Born Allah and Erule dropped anything, no matter what, it would get posted here.  Legends!  They are some of my favorite rhymers and bring that classic sound back to the mic.  This particular track is coming off of the Dub Fritterz EP.  Other than that, I don’t know too much about it.  I can only hope there is more music on the way because it’s been waaaayyy too long.  Recognize!