Boogieman Dela – Say It To My Face (ft. Skrewtape) (Video)

Here’s a super tough track from Boogieman Dela with the man Skrewtape. Just some of that aggressive hip hop music that your are going to blast in the late hours of the evening while cruising the city in your whip. Production comes courtesy of Deet The Beat Machine.

If you are diggin’ it check out Dela’s new EP, Broken Watch.


Boogieman Dela – What If (Video)

Boogieman Dela poses a bunch of ‘what ifs’ to his listeners over  some bluesy hip hop production.   This is some intelligent rhyme writing which is exposed by an excellent flow.   I’ve heard Boogieman Dela a couple of times and walked away impressed with every listen.  I hope to hear more new music soon.

Curly Castro – Fidel (2013)


Artist: Curly Castro

Album: Fidel

Source: Artist Rep


1. Call Me Castro
2. Starch (ft. Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela)
3. Minefield
4. Coaine Blues
5. Winter Too
6. Coal
7. Mesrine (ft. Yung Yorrisey)
8. Fenster & McManus (ft. Zilla Rocca)
9. The Spook Who Sat
10. Colored Water Fountain
11. The Letter M
12. Kintro
13. Libertad (ft. Ari Lourdes)


I was working on this review before I had to take a brief hiatus and I am obligated and intent on finishing it.  This album is too good not to mention and it’s imperative you give it the time to listen to it.  I first heard of Castro from his affiliation with Zilla Rocca.  We had actually previewed several of his previous singles.  This is his first musical offering as a recent signee of Man Bites Dog Records.   And what an offering it is…

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