Single You Out: Bo Jankans – Level Up (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze and Kane Mayfield)


New single from Bo Jankans, from the forthcoming project, The Motormouth EP: Act II.  For the purposes of this track he brings in Kane Mayfield and Reef the Lost Cause, making this track bang a little extra hard.  I am guessing Scrilla Ventura is behind the boards though no credit was listed.  It sounds like one of his concoctions to be sure.  I really enjoyed the first project and am looking forward to this one.

Bo Jankans – 1 More Shot (ft. Lyriciss)

Bo Jankans sent over this new video from The MotorMouth EP (which I am pretty sure is not out yet) but both songs I have seen/heard have been really dope.   He’s got a unique style and outlook plus he has Scrilla Ventura.  And if you have Scrilla Ventura on the boards, anything is musically possible.  Also joining the mix is  the DMV stalwart, Lyriciss

Bo Jankans – Wicked Looking Gun (Video)

Man, the homie J-Scrilla aka Scrilla Ventura is always sending me some dope music that he concocts with some dope emcees.   This time he hits me with a track/video that he creates with Bo Jankans called Wicked Looking Gun.  The track is demented enough that I enjoyed it thoroughly.   The video and storyline keeps you interested.  The beat from Ventura keeps you on that razor’s edge.  It’s kind of like a home-brewed cup of evil.  And Jankans’ ability is an emcee can’t be undersold.  The man can narrate a story, and even though this is the first I have heard from him I will be checking for his new project The MotorMouth EP.