Single You Out: Klaus Layer – Force (ft. Artifacts x Blu)

Klaus Layer

German producer, Klaus Layer crafts a certain head knocker with this single, Force, featuring The Artifacts and Blu.  It’s an interesting combination when these artists collaborate but it blends extremely well.  Layer really hits those drums hard, and the track just has lots of flavor indeed.

This track will be featured on Layer’s upcoming project, Lost Track.




Single You Out: Breeze Embalm – Bread whinnerS (ft. Blu & Eliki) (Produced by CS)

Once you hear this song it’s going to at first resonate and then marinate with you for a moment.  Before this moment I hadn’t heard of Breeze Embalm, but this smooth cut featuring Blu is a hit, and I am sure we will hear much more from him soon. The music’s message as I hear it:  Don’t get too comfortable with your status and position.   It’s all temporary.