Single You Out: Blak Flag – Rainy Nights

Blak Flag

Enough already!   Someone get me a Blak Flag x Sherm Larock album…stat!!!  This is one hell of a combination any time they get together and make a record…they just don’t do it enough for my liking.  These guys have the chemistry and skill to create an AWESOME if not CLASSIC album.  The dark production and fire lyricism flow and voice make this a hell of a cut.  I could listen to this all night.

Single You Out: Blak Flag – Revolvers b/w The Rainmaker (ft. Marvalyss)

Blak Flag and his team are all over the HHD radar.  This emcee is one of the dopest around with hard lyricism backed by Sherm LaRock’s neck-snapping drums that plays like the Pied Piper with that flute loop.  Just leading heads down that boom bap path.  I have heard near 20 cuts that involve Flag and they were all dope.   I hope you are all paying attention.

On this track we got Flag teaming up with Marvalyss to flip another banger from Larock. Are you getting the picture yet?  The two emcees really sound good together.  Their voices and their lyrical skill are very much on par with each other so the song is consistent.

Check for Underdog Religion!

BLAK FLAG – They Don’t Hear Me (Video)

Oh shit!  What is this coming out of Connecticut and why haven’t I heard it before!  Damn.  This emcee Blak Flag has an incredible flow and grimy delivery.  This track is instant greatness in my book.  Sherm LaRock is hooking up this banging production, and between the emcee and the producer here, I think you have a top level track for 2016.

If you are feeling this track, why don’t check out the project, Underdog Religion.