Memphis Reigns – Barangay Captain EP (2014)


Artist: Memphis Reigns

Album: Barangay Captain EP


1. Agnes In Wonderland
2. Gluesticks
3. Button Hook
4. Stephen Jawbs
5. Burn
6. Agnes In Wonderland (Remix)
7. 5 Minutes To Midnight
8. Fam Bam


Yes!  For real…we have the latest project from Memphis Reigns up for your downloading pleasure!

Memphis hit me up out of nowhere with this link for the Barangay Captain EP over the weekend and needless to say I am ecstatic to be able to bring this to you guys.   Memphis has been putting this project together over the better part of three years.  He’s obviously got a lot on his plate being a military man with a family, so consider this project a blessing as it very well may not have seen the light of day.   A few of the tracks we have featured here previously and they were all beyond dope.   My favorite off of this album is still the Agnes In Wonderland Remix.  The beat and the content are unrivaled.  We all deal with addictions in some capacity and the way he puts that in perspective is simple special.

The new tracks are Button Hook,  Burn, Five Minutes To Midnight, and Fam Bam.   You will not be disappointed in the least with the quality of those new sounds.   Memphis continues to lace a variety of  dope production with his outlook on life.

Definitely get this!