Freestyle Fam – Unleashed (2013)


Artist: Freestyle Fam

Album: Unleashed


1. Bar Fights
2. We Ain’t Down
3. By Your Side
4. Beauty
5. This Ain’t No Party
6. I’ll Get There
7. Beauty 2
8. The High I’m On
9. 5am In Staten
10. Sketch Art
11. True Rap


This is not a full blown review but rather a strong recommendation for you to check this project out.  Now, typically, I wouldn’t advocate a project like this.  Freestyle Fam is for the most part rocking over instrumentals from the very accomplished AraabMuzik.   I usually post original rhymes over original beats, but I am going to make an exception here.  The rhyme skill here is so good, it just can not be ignored.   I seriously believe Freestyle Fam  is in the top five percent when it comes to writing end executing rhymes.   What’s even more exciting is that they can write some of the hardest bars without cursing and with the Armor Of God intact.  That’s right.  They are Christian men who happen to rap…really, really well.  But this isn’t your typical preachy “religious hip hop”.  This is very different.   It just has to be heard…so bear witness.

I have posted their video Bar Fights on here before, but I am going to embed it here again so you can feel it, and then I want you to DL this project (above) .  You will not be disappointed.

Single You Out: Freestyle Fam – Bar Fights (ft. R.Kitect and Buck Barnabas)


This is a song you can run and go tell your homies about.  Hot ish! Hot ish!  First off, the  beat from Araabmuzik must be on loan from Lucifer (ironic b/c there are some Christian overtones in the music) because it’s that hot.  But these emcees aren’t playing…AT ALL.  They each compete for the best verse on this cut and they ALL are contenders.

So while the song plays, keep the neck brace close.  It may come in handy.   This song is coming off of FreeStyle Fam’s forthcoming mixtape.