Single You Out: Bankai Fam – Urge2Purge

Bankai Fam is back with a new project called Civil War which is a consistently dope, 19 Track, mixtape. Bankai Fam has consistently dropped dope projects over the course of the last few years, most of them solo work. Now the group united for a full project for the first time since On My Side which dropped in 2013.

The track we are featuring here, Urge2Purge, is indicative of the dope cuts you can find across the board. The team is severing heads on this one and I strongly encourage you to cop the album.

Skanks and Endemic Emerald – Trouble (ft. E Class Wright)

Skanks and Endemic Emerald are doing their part as artists to address the brutality that is plaguing the United States currently as we hear of countless stories where police are acting indiscriminately with deadly force in the black community.

What I like about this video is that it was done with a lot of thought and the message remains prevalent throughout the music.

This is a video single from the collaborative project, Rapsploitation.

Single You Out: Endemic Emerald & Skanks – Trouble (ft. E Class)

Endemic unleashes a bluesy and soulful production for Skanks’ thoughtful phrases as it regards to the ‘trouble’ that surrounds him.  He references the violence against the black community, the loss of his childhood heroes, Hulk Hogan and Bill Cosby, and the perception that Black Lives Matter is somehow a racist propaganda.   He really goes in on this one.

The two have a collaborative album in the works, Rapsploitation, dropping in February 2016.  So check back for more information.  I am sure there will be more coming.

Skanks – The Huntsmen (ft. Raf Almighty) (prod. by Kyo Itachi) (Video)

Bankai Fam meets the Dirt Platoon, when Skanks and Raf Almighty form The Huntsmen.  The venerable Kyo Itachi does the proper work behind the boards to create that grimy and gritty sound that you are hearing.   This track is pulled off of Skanks’ forthcoming album, The Shinigamie Flowfessional.   I believe the project will be produced completely by Itachi though that’s not confirmed.

Bankai Fam – Move On (Video)

I simply missed this one in my inbox.  I am not (or was not) up on the Bankai Fam sound but after listening to this track I am going to have start bearing a little witness around here.  The team’s got a nice flavor over this Azaia track.  The  emcees each have distinct voices that play well off of one another.   The emcee who drops the second sixteen has one of those gravelly flows that you just don’t hear all that frequently.   All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Bankai Fam.  I am going right over to Amazon to cop their new album, On My Side.