Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Seppuku In B Minor (ft G.S. Advance, Aye Wun & Spit Gemz) (Prod The Kurse)


Eff Yoo and The Kurse are back in the lab and cooking up some heat.  If you add such chefs as G.S. Advance, Spit Gemz, and Aye Wun to the mix then you have music as food for days.

The Kurse puts together a beat as a blessing for the emcees to launch salvos over.  This vocal sample echoes in the background, while there is some savagery occurring on the mic.

I can’t wait for the new project to arrive.

Single You Out: Aye Wun – Just 2 Get 2 Heaven (ft. Spit Gemz)


I just wanted to shed some light on this new project from Aye Wun and producer Incredible Cutts.  Groceries is a project that dropped a week or so ago and hasn’t garnered the attention it deserves.  There are some dope beats mingling with gritty lyricism on this EP and I don’t want you to miss it.

Just 2 Get 2 Heaven has Incredible Cutts crafting a beat that creeps like a horror movie just before the climatic scene while Aye Wun and Spit Gemz discuss the evil that men might do if it was a requirement to get to heaven.  Certain dope!

Aye Wun – You Won’t Be Around Next Year (ft. Rick Gonzalez) (Video)

Aye Wun and Rick Gonzalez take shots at those ‘flash-on-the-pan’ artists who are just the flavor of the month type rappers.   They don’t have the longevity to make in this game.  Aye Wun on the other hand has his name whirlwinding through cities with guest spots on Eff Yoo, Spit Gemz, and Stavin B’s albums amongst others.  I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the rest of 2014.

Top 50 Songs (2013)

Disclaimer:  It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year.  It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012.  Click the links to listen to the song!  I think it’s a great list.  There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones.  I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Said BeforeGoldini Bagwell

2. Rhyme Of The YearNino Bless

3. BelieversMayday

4. Outlive, Outshine Theo3

5.  WarStryfe and Marc Byrd

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Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Harvard vs. Yale (ft. AyeWun)


This isn’t exactly a single from Ef Yoo’s album, Bodega Businessman, but hell, I can’t get enough of this track with Goldenchild’s superlative production and I had to share it with you (pique your interest in the album maybe?).   Eff Yoo and Aye Wun go Ivy League and upper crust on you with these high society rhyme schemes and word play.  If you appreciate the finer things in hip hop (ie dope beats and rhymes) you should be feeling this track like I am.   It’s on repeat in my crib.

Spit Gemz – Welcome To Hellzgate (2012)

Artist: Spit Gemz

Album: Welcome To Hellzgate

Source:  Soundcity


01 Broken Oath Ft. Spent D’nero & Shaz Illyork (Prod. By JL Adio)
02 Possession Of Mind Ft. Shaz Illyork & Meyhem Lauren (Prod. By Aye Wun)
03 Passport
04 Red Pilot Ft. Sol Invictus (Prod. By Derek Day)
05 Stolen Legacy Ft. Carmen Indhira (Prod. By Detek)
06 Trained Assassins Ft. Starvin B, Carmen Indhira, Shaz Illyork & Eff Yoo (Prod. By One Take)
07 Megatron Mindstate Ft. Shaz Illyork (Prod. By DJ Brans)
08 Highlight Real (Prod. By Junior Makhno)
09 Fearless Pt. 7 Ft. Shaz Illyork & Carmen Indhira (Prod. By DJ Guttertrash)
10 Sinister Grin Ft. Shaz Illyork, Starker & J.Love (Prod. By Drasar Monumental)
11 Wasted Years (Prod. By Detek)
12 Panic In The Hall Ft Shaz Illyork, Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Homeboy Sandman (Prod. By Junior Makhno)
13 Concealed Weaponry Ft. Aye Wun (Prod. By Dolo)
14 Man At Arms (Prod. By The Strange Neighbor)
15 One And Wake Up Ft. Shaz Illyork (Prod. By DJ Low Cut)
16. Plotting
17 Love & Loyalty Ft. Carmen Indhira (Prod. By Jack Diggs)
18 Serpents Ft. G.S. Advance (Prod. By G.S. Advance)
19 Fly Creature Ft. Carmen Indhira, Starvin B & Shaz Illyork (Prod. By Golden Child)
20 Welcome To Hellzgate (Prod. By DJ Guttertrash)
21 SKILLUMINATI Ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Meyhem Lauren (Prod. By Hook & Eye)


I am going to start this review out with the following statement:  Welcome To Hellzgate is most certainly a Top 5 mixtape/street album from 2012.   For my part, the only thing that comes close to the standard set by this project is Red Eye’s St. Fatrick’s Day. There are so many bangers on this joint, I simply can’t count them all on both hands.  This is something that you can knock whether you are on your way home from work or heading to the spot to get rowdy.  You will definitely get amped when you listen to this album!

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