Single You Out: DJ Zid – Frequently (ft. Awon and dkay)


I LOVE this EP from Switzerland’s DJ Zid, called Shadows.   It’s only a few tracks long but there is so much dopeness packed within.  Finding producers who can articulate that jazzy hip hop flavor are just a rare breed, and Zid just laid an impactful claim to that role.  I mean this EP is perfect.  It’s a 10 out of 10 in my opinion, but this cut featuring Awon is an absolute favorite.   Just a GREAT song from the production to the chorus.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Awon & Dephlow – Lights Off (Video)

Awon & Dephlow are forced into a difficult position on their new song, Lights Off.  When forced with being disconnected from friends and family and not being able to pay the utilities, they have no recourse but to pick up the microphone.  The grind does not stop even in the most adverse conditions.

I am telling you right now, their new album, Dephacation is serious, grown man music.   One of the best you will hear in 2014.  Trust me on that…

Awon & Dephlow – Real Hip Hop (Prod. by Phoniks) (Video)

When Awon and Dephlow say they are bringing that real hip hop, you can bet on that 100%.  This song, from the beat to the lyrics, is  authentic hip hop flavor that the HHD audience is sure to love.   This song is off of their collaborative album, Dephacation.  I have yet to check the project, though this song gave me the incentive I need to give it a listen.  If the album is anything like this cut, we will have a winner for sure.