Single You Out: Rome Clientel – L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. by ATG)




Rome Clientel’s dropping one more single until the release of his third EP, The Empire 3: The Coronation.   L.E.G.A.C.Y. is about being something more than just a flash-in-the-pan emcee.   Rome is planning to build something a little more permanent for himself, his family, and his fans.   This is a long term endeavor.   The EP drops on Tuesday, so make some room in your hard drive.  You won’t be disappointed. 


AG Da Coroner – Crushed Grapes (2013)


Artist: AG Da Coroner

Album: Crushed Grapes


1. Welcome To My World
2. Problem (ft. Lord Nez)
3. Not Gonna Cry
4. Ghetto Love (ft. Lord Nez & M. Reck)
5. Luca Brasi (Sleep)
6. Stars Are Born (ft. M. Reck)
7. What We Have (ft. Meyhem Lauren)
8. Live From Cheeta (ft. Lord Nez, Nutso, Spit Gemz, Realm Reality & Termanology)
9. New York Never Left


I saw AG Da Coroner make comments on Twitter a few weeks ago suggesting that some underground fans didn’t like Crushed Grapes because it wasn’t all just “hot bars”.   I couldn’t fathom it when I read it, so I feel obligated to set people straight.  This project is full of not only  top notch bars, but also production, guest shots, and content.  There’s really no other way to put  it.  I have never heard the Coroner make anything remotely soft or borderline and to suggest this project is less than stellar seems sacrilegious in the house of hip hop.

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Single You Out: Charmingly Ghetto – I’ve Arrived (ft. Reks, Murph Watkins, and Katrina Renee)



This is the first single we have featured from Charmingly Ghetto’s latest project, Of The Meaning Of Progress, which you can download at DJ Booth.

This track has it all.  It’s got the dope emceeing from the aforementioned Charmingly Ghetto, Murph Watkins, and the brilliant Reks.  ATG handles the beat while Katrina Renee caresses the hook.

Don’t sleep!

Rome Clientel – The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds (2012)


Artist: Rome Clientel

Album: The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds

Source: DharmicX


1. The Glass House
2. Free
3. The Crisis
4. Gone Too Long (ft. Devon Wright)
5. Chips Fall
6. My Inner War
7. Betta Luv Em’
8. You Want War
9. One Life To Live (ft. Reks)
10. Troubled Child


Rome Clientel’s art is a demonstration of what is good with hip hop right now.  With his new project, The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP, Rome Clientel takes big beats and grimy bars up-a-notch. Thus giving you Golden Era flavor with new school flow and vocabulary.  The intangibles (ie his baritone voice) are an asset that can’t be ignored.

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Single You Out: Rome Clientel – One Life To Live (ft. REKS)


This latest single from Rome Clientel featuring REKS is indefinitely some of his best music to date.  I love the 70s sould sample that ATG flips from Flaming Ember.  That alone gives this song so much character and Clientel and REKS’ verses really play well off of each other.

This song is lifted from the forthcoming EP from Rome Clientel entitled, The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds.