Artist Of The Year: M-Dot (2011)

M-Dot!!!!  The name rings clearly enough on any track this Bostonian finds himself on.   The trademark ‘shout-out’ announces his verse is up next, and yes folks, the man is up next.   M-Dot has found himself on countless projects this year and every time he spits, it’s a win.    He has put out a remixed album with DJ Jean Maron this year and a mixtape entitled, M.ore D.oubters O.ver T.hinking.   He also was a part of one of the dopest videos this year with DJ Brans and Armageddon (Terror Squad) entitled World Wide.

With all the being said, M-Dot is constantly on his grind, building on his budding reputation as one of the pre-eminent independent hip hop artists today.  Today,  Hip Hop Dependency wants to recognize, M-Dot for all of his accomplishments in 2011 as our Artist Of The Year.  His consistency behind the mic and his work ethic is well deserving.

M-Dot agreed to answer a few questions for me and I am proud to deliver this interview of one of my favorite artists.  Do yourself a favor, check this interview out but be sure to check out the projects he has out and support!

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