Single You Out : Archie Bang – John Wick (prod. By maticulous)

I really feel the music that Archie Bang has put out thus far and even though this song is obviously released in conjunction with the latest Wick movie, it doesn’t make in any less dope. If anything this is one of the dopest hip hop cuts that may play during cinema this year. Respect what Bang brings to the table over this sinister production from maticulous.

Top 50 Songs (2013)

Disclaimer:  It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year.  It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012.  Click the links to listen to the song!  I think it’s a great list.  There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones.  I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Said BeforeGoldini Bagwell

2. Rhyme Of The YearNino Bless

3. BelieversMayday

4. Outlive, Outshine Theo3

5.  WarStryfe and Marc Byrd

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Archie Bang – Rebirth (Of Ill) (Video)

I like this artist, Archie Bang.  He’s got a really nice flow and presence on the microphone.  It’s definitely something that I can feel.  I also like the whole song concept.  The direction of the video and how that concept was implemented was really on point. I don’t shout out directors of music videos very often but this one was exceptional, Melyssa Vasquez.  Archie Bang’s new EP, Never Say Die should be out soon.   Can’t wait to hear it now.