Apathy – Martha Moxley (Video)

Apathy is getting set to drop the album, Connecticut Casual, as this is his third video single.   This time Ap incorporates George Michael’s Never Dance Again into the cut.  He especially lets that saxophone take over makes this track super smooth which is a stark contrast to his ever  sharp lines.  For those of you wondering, the namesake of the song, Martha Moxley, was the name of a recently solved murder that is often associated with the Kennedy family.

Album is coming next Tuesday.

Motive – Rat In A Cage (ft. Apathy) (Video)

The video has some nice effects but it’s the music that is going to move you here.  Apathy once again shows that he has elite skill when in comes to production.  He showed it on the Demigodz album, KILLmatic, and he once again blesses us with a strong effort.  His adaptation of The World Is A Vampire from The Smashing Pumpkins is nothing less than stellar.   Motive and Apathy then proceed to blister the mic in their verses with line after ill line.  This is the first single from Motive’s upcoming project, The DNA.

Demigodz – Raiders Cap (Video)

“Old school…got my Raider’s cap…”  That’s the anthem on this cut from the Demigodz impressive KILLmatic  album.  We’ve talked about it before in the album review, but this track is produced by Apathy, and he did a hella of a job on this joint.   The video is also a little old school that features a cameo from Xzibit.  Cop this album if you have not already and peep the review.

R.A. The Rugged Man – The People’s Champ (Video)

I have always loved R.A. The Rugged Man but as the years have gone by I feel like he has just gotten better and more polished.  A consummate emcee.  This track is produced  by Apathy who has been on a tear lately (see the Demigodz album review).  R.A. The Rugged Man showcases his dojo which includes every fight style imaginable, including, but not limited to, Watermelon Slicing and fighting with chainsaws.  All standard fair.  Legends Never Die is going to drop on April 30th and we are going to want to be looking out for that.

I’ll rip out your windshield and shit on your dashboard

No doubt.

Demigodz – KILLmatic (2013)


Artist: Demigodz

Album: KILLmatic

Source: I Knew This Was Coming!


1.  Intro (Giants On The Earth) (produced by Apathy)
2.  Demigodz Is Back (produced by Apathy)
3.  Dumb High ft. Open Mic (produced by Apathy)
4.  Never Take Me Out ft. Termanology (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
5.  Just Can’t Quit  ft. Scoop Deville (produced by Apathy)
6.  Worst Nightmare (produced by DJ Premier)
7.  Can’t Fool Me  ft. Eternia (produced by Apathy)
8.  DGZ x NYGz  ft. Panchi of NYG’z & DJ Premier (produced by Chumzilla)
9.  Dead In The Middle  (produced by Apathy)
10.  The Gospel According To…  ft. Planetary of Outerspace (produced by Skammadix)
11.  Raiders Cap  (produced by Apathy)
12.  The Fallen Angels  (produced by Apathy)
13.  The Summer Of Sam  (produced by The Snowgoons)
14.  Tomax & Xamot  (produced by Will C.)
15.  Captain Caveman ft. RA The Rugged Man (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
16.  Audi 5000  (produced by Marco Polo)


I was modestly excited about this project. I say modestly because usually when a collective like this comes together for an album the expectations far exceed the product.  With that being said, that is not the  case with this album.  This album is incredibly refined with proper production and scintillating rhyme schemes.  KILLmatic is a complete project.

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