Amadeus The Stampede – Scars Of Life (Video)

Amadeus The Stampede has been on a prolific run so far for 2011.  He has re-released all of his previous work for FREE via Twitter.  He released Universal Language in January.  He has released two projects in March.  The Mad House Music EP and The Devil Made Me Do It.  The latter is where this single was lifted for the visuals.  If you enjoy this then you will really enjoy his previous work.  The man is very talented.  I am going to try and post his discography soon, although a lot of it comes without cover art.


Single You Out: Lateb – The Virus (ft. Canibus and Amadeus The Stampede)

I listened to Lateb’s album, Wisdom and Ignorance.   I thought the album was pretty good as a whole, but this track is absolutely banging.   You have to give Matty Trump a shout out for the work behind the boards.  It has been a while since I have heard Canibus drop a verse as good as the one he does on this joint.  Amadeus The Stampede always brings some hard bars to the table.  He’s a hard man to outshine on a track.  Overall this joint gets a lot of love in the rotation.  If you like it, make sure you check out Lateb’s album by clicking the link.

Download The Single

Check The Discography: Leedz Edutainment

I awoke this morning to Leedz putting it in the air via Twitter that eight of the albums/mixtapes put out on his label were being offered free.  I am assuming this is a recent development, though I could certainly be wrong.  I know I paid good money for them and now you can DL some of them without spending a dime.  These releases are chocked full of dope beats and raw lyricism.  You are going to find something among the collection that you will love.  Heck, I love most of them.  My favorites of the bunch are  Rite Hook’s A.ssume D.amage and the Write Off Mixtapes Vol.1 and 2.  You will see tons of guest shots on these releases, including Slaine, Amadeus The Stampede, Reef The Lost Cause, J The S,  Ill Bill and many more.  I realize this is not an ‘artist’ discography so to speak but I wouldn’t sleep on this  collection if I were you!  Also, make sure you remember to drop some dollars on one of these artist’s shows or retail products if you like what you hear.  It’s essential to contribute financially when capable.    Meanwhile, enjoy….

You can click the cover of the particular album you wanted to check out and be linked to the Bandcamp site where you can stream the music to see if it’s for you, but for my part it is a no brainer:  Pick them all up!

The Write Off: Volume Two Cover ArtUnforgivable Blakness Cover ArtFear Of A White Muslim Cover ArtThe Write Off: Volume One Cover ArtSacred Defense Cover ArtMass Movementz (The Album) Cover ArtThe Trump Card Cover A.ssume D.amage Cover Art