Single You Out: Godilla – Hardcore Styles (ft. Tug McRaw) *Exclusive*

hardcore styles pic

I am incredibly honored that Godilla blessed HHD with this new single (exclusive for the moment) featuring Tug McRaw.  Quite simply, Hardcore Styles bangs!  This beat along with the scratching is just plain infectious.  The verbage is also quite proper.  Altogether it’s the type of flavor that keeps the block hot and happy.

If you have not checked Godilla’s latest project, Altered Beast, make sure you do that at this point.   That is a literal gift to hip hop heads because it’s free.  Also, I feature the homie Godilla quite a bit but I don’t often get a chance to share Tug McRaw’s material with you.  The man has an ill voice and demeanor and you will be hearing a lot more material in the near future.  Tell me that second verse wasn’t fire….

Single You Out: Godilla – Wild Life (ft. Shallow Pockets and GQ Nothin Pretty)


Welcome to the jungle.  New dope from the homie Godilla surface the other day and it certainly bears mentioning.  This joint is coming off of his forthcoming Altered Beast project which should be surfacing soon.  JBL The Titan is on the production while Shallow Pockets and GQ Nothin Pretty team up with Godilla on the mic.  When all things are considered this song sounds threatening.

Artist Spotlight: Godilla (2012)

This monthly artist’s spotlight features none other than Godilla!  I am excited about this feature as I have been following this artist for quite some time.  When he released his second album, Jaguar Paw, I didn’t know what to expect.  But after listening to that project not so many years ago, I knew that he was about high lyrical content, boom bap beats, and an appreciation for the art of being an emcee.

So without further ado, I bring you our spotlight on Godilla!  Make sure you check him out on Twitter and Facebook, and support his projects, both past and future.

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Single You Out: Godilla – Terror (ft. Aeyone, Glomgold, Burke The Jurke & J.O. The Last Man) (Prod Hakiki Bela)

I spotted this track over at TheHipHopHead and was really impressed by how hard this joint banged.  First off, Godilla is that man right now.  Maybe not a lot people know about him but this emcee can deliver the verbal artillery…consistently.

This cut if off of his upcoming album, Altered Beast.  So check it out by visiting the TheHipHopHead by clicking the link below.