Kyle Hubbard – Last Bow (ft. Without A Face) (Video)

Kyle Hubbard is the connector of audiences and people.   He speaks the music of the community.  Just one of my favorite artists since I have been running this site.  His music just speaks to me on that human level.    This song has that unplugged, acoustic vibe, brought to you by Without A Face (ironic, ain’t it).

At any rate, watch the video, share…and cop the album, All Good Things Come.

Single You Out: Kyle Hubbard – Point Of Life

I have been an avid Kyle Hubbard supporter since the beginning, and you best believe I take great pride in that fact. In my mind, he’s one of a dozen or so artists that really connects me to his music. I listen to his previous work all the time.

When you listen to a Kyle Hubbard record it’s almost like you are having a conversation with a friend, and he’s just dropping experience and life on you. You are going to hear that in this song, Point Of Life, and on his new album, All Good Things Come. I highly recommend you do yourself the service of checking it out.