Single You Out: Al-One – Legends Of The Fall (ft. Illmaculate & Theory Hazit)

This song is sharp. It’s got everything you need in a hip hop cut for 2017. The bars from Al-One, Illmac, and Theory Hazit are all primo quality. And the beat from Rey Holliday is pretty special in it’s own right. It’s got some soul, funk, and boom bap wrapped inside.

Al-One’s, Sharptongue, drops next week, and I am pretty sure it’s going to be special. Stay tuned.

Single You Out: Al-One – Good God Bad Business (prod. by Illmind)



Al-One must’ve been fiending for something funky, because that’s exactly what !LLMIND provided him with.  It’s hard to make it any funkier without James Brown actually blessing the track himself.   This is about three minutes worth of a good time placed into a song. I am not sure if this is part of a bigger project but we can hope…


Al-One – Shallow Al (2013)


Artist: Al-One

Album: Shallow Al



Sandpeople in full effect today!  I copped both OnlyOne and Al-One’s projects this morning and got listen to both.  They are both very short but solid projects.  OnlyOne’s is a bit more grimey, while Al-One’s involves more debauchery.  But both are worth your loot for sure.   In particular, my favorite  off of this short project is the lead track, Walter White.  If you are going to be the boss, you’ve got to play your part and Al-One does this amply.

Give it a listen, and if you enjoy, contribute the necessary $5 and add this to your collection.  That’s exactly what I did…