Single You Out: Rite Hook – Lose Control (ft. Action Bronson) (C-Lance Remix)



I am not sure if I even remember the original.  I will have to go back and check for it in my iTunes.   But what I do know for sure, is that this track is a beautiful piece of work.  It’s easily one of the top five tracks I have heard from Rite Hook.  C-Lance really gave this track a ton of character with this joint.  Definitely one of those songs that will stick in your head (like so many Rite Hook songs do when you listen to them).  The new album, From The Wrong, drops in a couple of weeks.  Be ready.

Meyhem Lauren – Drug Lord (ft. AG Da Coroner & Action Bronson)

Meyhem Lauren drops this video for Drug Lord, from Respect The Fly Shit.  The song features guest bars from AG Da Coroner and Action Bronson.  Production is done by none other that Harry Fraud.   The video is extremely creative.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in terms of a music video.

Single You Out: J57 – The Main Event (ft. Actions Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino, and Rasheed Chappell)

This list of emcees is the “in-list” right now.  I mean these guys are all very sought after guest shots right now.  This is that ‘classic’ type of posse cut right here.  The beat is titillating but not overbearing with the keys.   This is the first single  off of J57’s forthcoming EP, 2057.  You know we will be watching out for that!


Single You Out: Marq Spekt x Kno – Roadhouse ft. Action Bronson

Kno delivers on this track.  The guitar riff and the drums get this party going.  This song is just too tough for the masses but if you are feeling brave then go for it.  Get your socks knocked off.  I just heard Machete Vision was dropping about a week ago and now I will eagerly anticipate it’s arrival.  The 25th is going to be one hell of  a day for hip hop.


Rite Hook – Draw You In (2011)

Artist: Rite Hook

Album: Draw You In

Source: Bandcamp


01. Draw You In (Feat. Lisa Bello)
02. Now And Then
03. Walk This Town (Feat. Planet Asia And Copywrite)
04. Bear With Me
05. Chemical
06. Strange
07. She’s Crazy
08. Lock Eyes On The Enemy (Feat. Saigon And JoJo Pellegrino)
09. King Of The Throne
10. Cuttin Down (Feat. Stu Cat)
11. Waste
12. Take My Picture
13. Exposed
14. Lose Control (Feat. Action Bronson)
15. Nothing
16. Come Tommorrow
17. D.E.A.D End (Bonus Track)


I make no secrets on this blog about the artists I am feeling.  And usually, the pattern repeats, as consistency appeals to me.  This brings us to the latest work by Boston artist, Rite Hook.  I have spoken to his appeal before but to recap previous posts, Rite Hook has great song making ability.    He is able to put intelligent and emotional music together.  He also has become a master at being able to construct dope hooks.  His dark crooning really ties his songs together.

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