Sleep – The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era (2015) (Review)


Name: Sleep

Album: The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era

Track listing:

1. Intro: Produced by The Gonz
2. Broad Daylight: Produced by Wonder Breed
3. Freak A Black: Produced by Wonder Breed
4. Watch This: Produced by Wonder Breed
5. Front Row Murder: Produced by Wonder Breed
6. One Saturday Morning (Interlude): Produced by Pbizzy
7. B.Y.O.G: Produced by Wonder Breed & The Gonz
8. My Brother: Produced by Wonder Breed & The Gonz
9. Mama Said: Produced by Wonder Breed
10. Government Assistance: Produced by Wonder Breed
11. Cannibilazation: Produced by The Gonz
12. Whateva We Get: Produced by Inkomen


Sleep from 2 Man Cypher dropped a new album last month, entitled The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era. And from my previous experience anything this man puts his hands on from an artistic standpoint is as good as gold. When I finished listening to this album, and thinking about his previous work, I couldn’t help but place this man in the ‘visionary’ category. There are traditional elements in his music, but there’s also something that’s unorthodox. He pushes the limits with his technique and bars. The rhyme patterns are certainly not elementary. His style is more thoughtful, intricate. and diverse.

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Sleep (The Fraternity) – 3 Corners (ft. Cocaine Chris and Kue The Vandal) (Video)

New banger from The Fraternity camp entitled 3 Corners.   The Dope Antelope brings that boom-bap front and center while Sleep, Kue, and Chris warn that ‘you either with us or against us’.  Rest assured brethren, The Dependency is with you. Pay close attention to Chris’ wordplay, he has some really nice gems woven in there.

Sleep (The Fraternity) – I Shot Lincoln (ft. Kue The Vandal) (Video)

The Fraternity stays the course and could do no wrong in 2014 and this track, I Shot Lincoln, proves that fact.   Sleep and Kue The Vandal go off on Dope Antelope’s sinister production.  Antelope is hands down my producer of the year if this pace continues.  I can’t hide that fact.  No one puts darkness to music like Antelope.  And if you like lines, these emcees have got lines….

Most wanted like Hitler in a room full of Zionists…. (Kue The Vandal)

Kue The Vandal – The Snuff Tape (2014)


Artist: Kue The Vandal

Album: The Snuff Tape


1. Eye For An Eye
2. My Brother’s Keeper
3. Filth
4. Runnin’
5. Affiliated (Ft. Cain & Sleep)
6. Pistolet
7. Black Mask
8. G.O.O.N


Kue The Vandal released his latest EP, The Snuff Tape, a couple of weeks ago and I have given it multiple listens not only for the purposes of this review, but also for my own personal enjoyment.   Kue The Vandal has that grimy delivery and he brings a certain tone of despair and depravity that is on display for all to see on this release.   But there’s also this sense that Kue, when his back is against the wall, is not going to just disappear quietly into the sunset.  He is more likely to come out with his guns blazing.

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Sleep (2 Man Cypher) – Question 2 (Video)

New video from Sleep’s new EP, Branded: The Damon Winton Story.    The music and the message take you to an extremely dark place.  It’s like God throwing you in the unlit basement and locking the only way out.  It’s that kind of dark.   But it’s extremely powerful and necessary, because these are the elements and emotions that are facing our children on a daily basis.  Sleep makes you feel what this young man was dealing with, which is the point…

2-Man Cypher Interview (2014)


This interview has been a long time in coming.  When I heard the 2-Man Cypher (Sleep and Cain) album, Queen City Bastards,  I was made into an instant fan.  The realism of that album, enhanced by the sheer skill of the emcees was nothing short of amazing.  I am of the frame of mind that 2-Man Cypher is going to the top.  How can they not?   They have all the intangibles.  Make sure you pass this interview along and cop that album at all costs.  Also, check for their future music projects.  It’s all next level material.

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2 Man Cypher – Broken (ft. Koren Jackson)

If this song and video doesn’t get you, you are cold m’fer.   The illest duo making hip hop takes a look at the bottom of the barrel of humanity with their single, Broken.  Sleep and Cocaine Chris are like the ghosts in the room looking at the harm a man can do not only to himself but also his loved ones.  If this song sounded dope to you, then I suggest you peep their new project, Queen City Bastards, because the album is loaded with top choice cuts.

Cocaine Chris (2 Man Cypher) – Statistics (Video)

This video is older (from three months ago) than I would normally post.  But I need  a late pass on all the music The Fraternity has been putting out.  This joint is from Cocaine Chris’ album, Cain & Glory, and is produced by none other than, Dope Antelope.   This track is not only dope but it’s also a very poignant description of what’s going on in a lot of urban epicenters.   The album, as a whole, is also very impressive.

I am not playing when I say that 2 Man Cypher/The Fraternity and Dope Antelope are at the forefront of keeping real hip hop alive and well.   I have checked quite a few albums from the back catalog and they are all high quality.  I can’t wait to hear more material from the camp.