Single You Out: P.SO the Earth Tone King & 2 Hungry Bros. – Headphone Diaries


It’s good to hear P.SO back rocking the mic and better yet to hear him over some 2 Hungry Bros. production.  This is the first single of the collaborative project. Feast of Legend.   This track has so much good going on, it’s hard to narrow it down to a few words.  But this track is vibrant with a lot of different sounds, and P.SO just sounds so natural.  A clear case where production and mic skills meld together so perfectly.

I Am Many – Party Dave (Video)

Here in lies the lifestyle and story of one, Party Dave, as portrayed by I Am Many.    It just goes to show you, that you are one arm wrestling match from losing it all (under breath chuckle).  I Am Many has a style all unto himself making him one of the most unique artists around.  The track can be found on his new album, Obese.