Tuesday Promo: Roc Marciano – Reloaded


Similar to what we did for Sean Price’s Mic Tyson album a couple of weeks ago, we will do with Roc Marciano’s album, Reloaded this week.

Marciano has kept dropping fresh material all the way  up the release of this highly anticipated album and rather have you back track and find all those tracks he put out…we are going to put them all in one post.  The first three tracks are singles released for the album, the remainder are just loose tracks he has put out in the last couple of months.   Then end result:  Hopefully you will cop the album!

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Tuesday Promo: Sean Price – Mic Tyson


If you didn’t know this was dropping today, you probably have been living under a rock or maybe you are new to this hip hop thing.  At any rate, I am experimenting with a new way of promoting some dope hip hop releases when they drop (Tuesdays).    All these singles drop previously and maybe you see them, maybe you don’t, but I am going to compile them for you so you can check out the singles that dropped and potentially (hopefully) purchase the album below. Sean P!

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