Friday Feature: Peet Caliber – NEW JERZ GIANT PART DEUX (PROD. LUVJONEZ)



Keeping up with our Friday Feature series, we are bringing you yet more music from Peet Caliber, the super talented New Jerz emcee that definitely needs to get his due.  You can’t tell me he isn’t nice with his!  New Jerz Giant Part Deux is one of those ‘no hook, go for delf’ joints. Production comes courtesy, once again, from Luv Jonez.   Give this man his props, he most definitely deserves them!

Friday Feature: Peet Caliber – Shadowboxing



Peet Caliber will be our final #FridayFeature of 2012.  It was actually supposed to be go time in November but being from New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy derailed that plan.   At any rate..,

Peet Caliber is another name I cam across on my inbox and when I first heard his cut Amoxicillin I was hooked.  This was a man perfect for our Friday Feature.  He gets after with a no frills approach and brings raw lyricism over big beats.  And speaking of Hurricane Sandy, how about a little silver lining in it’s aftermath?  Shadowboxing is certain to make heads nod with production from Luv Jonez. Spit game from Peet Caliber that puts the listener on straight survival mode.

I can’t wait to hear more material from this man.  You can hear more every Friday in December!

Friday Feature: Just FLoW x JWhizz – New God Flow (Revised and Revisited)

Again, typically speaking I rarely put up tracks that an artist does over industry beats but when Just FLoW does his thing, you have to take notice.   FLoW and JWhizz blitz the OG track of Kanye West and Pusha T and they more than do this beat justice.  I think this is my first time listening to JWhizz and I really like his voice and flow.  I will be more vigilant in listening for his music.  Just FLoW is a that the point now where he consistently rocks tracks to the utmost caliber which is why he is being featured.


Friday Feature: Just FLoW – Just Cuz (Just FLoW x MiTCH RiCH)

This month’s featured artist is someone that I’ve been building with for over a year now and who’s really been developing and honing his craft rhyme after rhyme. Just FLoW just keeps getting better with every listen, and if any man deserves to be featured on HHD, it’s him. This man’s talent may only be dwarfed by his work ethic. Not only is he an accomplished emcee but he also is very apt to do his own videography and is involved in almost every aspect of his craft.

So without further ado, I bring you his group’s (AMN, at least 2/3) latest joint, Just Cuz, which is performed with AMN affiliate MiTCH RiCH, and producer The Mechanics: (See Below For Further Artist Information)

Just FLoW: Born In Nigeria, Raised In Queens New York and Currently Residing In Baltimore MD. Specializing In Witty Punchlines And Slick Metaphors, His Most Admirable Trait Would Be His Penchant For Realism. Just FLoW Is Currently Finishing Up His Second Solo Outing “GRoW”. He Is Also A Member Of Hip Hop Trio Any Means Necessary. Twitter: @JustFLoWing

MiTCH RiCH: Flashy But Humble Brooklyn Bred Rapper MiTCH RiCH Is The True Definition Of A Paradox. Raised In Farragut Projects, MiTCH Is Currently Working On His Debut Project “Straight From The Gut”. He Is Also A Member Of Rap Trio Any Means Necessary. Twitter: @I_Am_MitchRich

Producer “The Mechanics”: Brooklyn Based. Producer Writer And Audio Engineer. Twitter: @DRailDaFlyyest

Friday Feature: illMEASURED x Lam & Grins – Be Careful (ft. R.A. the Rugged Man)

Alright, here we are at the final installment of this month’s Friday Feature with illMEASURED.  If you missed out, just backtrack and check out what this man has to offer hip hop fans.  But as the old adage goes, we saved the best for last for our readers.  illMEASURED produces an absolute monster for emcees Lam & Grins.  Not only that but you see who joins that duo on the mic…none other than R.A. The Rugged Man.   And that feature may draw you in, but this beat by our featured artist keeps you there.  The dark bass line and the guitar licks, accompanied by the expert chopping up the MOP sample make sure that this joint bangs in your system for a while.

Make sure you keep in tune to what this man it doing.  Email him for a beat for your project.  Follow him on Twitter. Like his Facebook Page.  Big things are afoot.

Friday Feature: illMEASURED x ill Conscious – The Essence

I was specifically saving this track for this feature.  This was originally released about a month ago as, ill Conscious’ title track from his forthcoming album that goes by the same name.   This is also the perfect illustration for why I am featuring illMEASURED in the first place.  His places samples are in succinct timing for this uptempo banger.  I also really enjoy how the production is very vibrant.  There is something very alive with this track that is certainly accentuated by ill Conscious’  dope flow and lyrical content.  He is a really talented emcee.   Great debut for him as well as being the perfect continuation of our September feature for illMEASURED.  This is indeed the essence of hip hop…

Friday Feature: illMEASURED – The Instrumental Version (Updated!)

For this week’s installment of the Friday Feature, HHD brings you illMEASURED beats in their purest form…INSTRUMENTAL ONLY.   If you are purely a fan of hip hop, check out these beats and vibe out.  If you are an emcee looking for a producer who has a great deal of versatility, with a rock solid foundation in hip hop fundamentals, and a knack for the boom-bap  Reach Out To Him…

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Friday Feature: illMEASURED – Thought You Knew (w/ UllNevaNo)

illMEASURED is a producer out of the DMV area that I have been checking for since DAY ONE.   Ever since I heard some of his production off of the Rome Cee album, The Grey Area, I new that this guy was hidden talent that just needed more exposure to his craft.  The man can create productions that range from jazzy and laid back to those boom-bap bangers we all  know and crave.  He is as exceptional as he is diverse.  So every Friday throughout the month of September we are going to be looking at new and old and projects from this producer to showcase his talents.

For this week’s installment, I present to you a recent cut illMEASURED produced for another HHD mainstay, UllNevaNo.   The cut is called Thought You Knew.  This song is a great demonstration of how illMEASURED intermingles so many different sounds to create the perfect track.  The horns, the vocal sample, and the scratching is a definitive hip hop moment.  It’s easy to hear why he is being featured here in just under four and a half minutes.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that UllNevaNo more than owns up to his end of the bargain by dropping bar after bar of heat.



Friday Feature: M.A. Cee Kings – $$$ In The Bank

Are you a believer yet? Are you understanding why I am featuring him on HHD this month?  Whether he rocks over instrumentals or original production, M.A. Cee Kings kills it.  He is the consummate rhyme writer with great technique and flow.

Next Friday will be the end of our monthly showcase on M.A. Cee Kings but we will definitely continue to post his material.  Stay tuned….