Single You Out: Recognize Ali x Ren Thomas x Ruste Juxx – Style


This track is a couple of weeks old, but I am going to share it anyway because it’s just too good to not be included on the site.  Tone Spliff laces our emcees with a high paced banger and chops it up proper while the trio of Recognize Ali, Ren Thomas, and Ruste Juxx all contribute their distinctive verbals to track…each with a different but dope ‘style’.

It’s a sureshot that’s dropping on a project due out later this year called, Renaissance.

Single You Out: WateRR – If I Never Meet You


Here’s yet ANOTHER dope joint from WateRR and this one goes deep on a meaningful lyrical level particularly on the second sixteen.   WateRR continues to flex that as an emcee there is not a beat that he can not spit bars upon properly.  RiotOne infuses a piano based, jazzy rhythm, and WateRR executes it perfectly…closing out his 2018 as strongly as he entered it.

Single You Out: Pounds – Get To It


Pounds just released The Blue Gardenia project a few days ago, and it’s probably my favorite from him thus far.   It’s only five tracks deep, but it’s a damn good five tracks.  It’s got a very aggressive vibe to it which I like to hear Pounds rock over.  Speaking of ‘rockin’ over’, the track Get To It is my favorite from the project, produced Chukk James with that rock element of which I speak.   The track is going to make you get after your day!

Single You Out: Pay$o – Love Of The Game (prod. by Nicholas Craven)


I was a little incredulous by the cover, but hey, Nicholas Craven produced the project, Ralph Wears Jordan, so I was going to give it a shot.   I am glad I did because it’s a dope EP.  Pay$o has a nice flow about him and enjoyed listening to him over these Craven beats that do not disappoint.   Love Of The Game is my favorite track from the project.  I hope you are feeling it too.

Single You Out: NapsNdreds – Black Spider (prod. by Nottz)


Man, I will NOT let this release pass you by!  NapsNdreds connected with Nottz to create the album, Trouble & A Pair Of Dice.  And if I was to simply tell you it was dope, I would be deeply understating things.  The project is a complete one filled with depth of lyricism, creativity, and of course beats.  On the track Black Spider, Nottz outdoes himself.  This is brilliant.  The rock/trippy fused rhythm is so unique and NapsNDreds really bonds himself to the rhythm.   He has quite a few rewindable moments here.

You should love this!

Single You Out: Bubba Rock – Pink Lomein


I just copped Bubba Rock’s new album Rock Season after listening to a couple of samples from the project.  It’s really mellow where the production tends to be more subdued and some points fuses a Motown feel.  This puts more of a spotlight on the lyricism.   It’s an all-around pretty dope project.  I am featuring my favorite track from the project, Pink Lomein,  as the production is a little more on the funky side and prevalent by Artivist. Lyrically, Bubba Rock asserts himself quite well with an unstoppable flow and some life applied knowledge.  You will like this short one…and if you do…show respect and cop the album.

Single You Out: DJ Chong Wizard -Wilson Fisk Meets Manny Merengues (ft. Hus Kingpin x Smoovth)


Here’s my favorite joint off of DJ Chong Wizard’s new project The Reality StoneWilson Fisk Meets Manny Merengue is a throwback of sorts for me as it features two emcees who came up together and I have been following for a long time, Hus Kingpin and Smoovth.   This time they get a beat from Hobgoblin, and it’s a heater.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo – Saks Fifth Avenue (ft. Fastlife) (prod. by The Kurse)


New single from Eff Yoo teaming up with Fastlife over some heat from producer The Kurse, as they keep the pressure on with yet another banger from their project,  Spicaso Dos.   Eff and Fastlife prove to be a nice combination as their flows compliment each other quite well.  And The Kurse remains unable to pigeon holed with his production talents, in a lane all his own.